Workshop: Reciprocals cross-linguistically

February 2nd, 2007
Utrecht, The Netherlands

The workshop Reciprocals cross-linguistically (syntax and semantics) took place on the morning and afternoon of Friday, 2 February. There were language-specific, descriptively oriented presentations (focusing on properties or issues of theoretical interest) as well as more theoretical talks.

The workshop is associated with the research project A typology of reciprocal markers: Analysis and documentation, a collaboration of the Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS and the Free University of Berlin.


Drift 21
Utrecht University, Utrecht

Provisional schedule:

10:00 Welcome
10:05 Ekkehard König, Free University of Berlin
Spatial Reciprocity
11:05 Coffee
11:20 Anca Sevcenco, UiL-OTS/University of Bucharest
Split Case Reciprocals
12:00 Yoad Winter, Technion
The Strongest Meaning Hypothesis: Reciprocal Expressions and Relational Processes
13:00 Lunch (provided by UiL-OTS)
14:15 Alexis Dimitriadis, UiL-OTS
Some Consequences of Symmetry and Collectivity in Serbo-Croatian
14:55 György Rákosi, University of Debrecen
On the Distribution of Reciprocal and Reflexive Anaphors in Hungarian: Subject and Possessor Anaphors
15:35 Coffee
15:50 Thomas Hanke, Free University of Berlin
Bipartite Reciprocal Markers: Classification and Sources
16:30 Patrick Brandt, University of Cologne
Number-Bound Nonreciprocity in Dative and Middle Constructions
17:10 Coffee
17:20 Juvénal Ndayiragije, University of Toronto
On Kirundi Reciprocals and the Lexicon-Syntax Parameter
18:20 Workshop ends
19:00 Dinner at Restaurant Jakarta

For more information, please contact Alexis Dimitriadis.

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