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The Typological Database System

The Typological Database System (TDS) is a collection of independently developed typological databases. Unified querying is supported with the help of an integrated ontology.

The component databases of the TDS are cross-linguistic databases used for research in language typology and linguistics. They add up to some 1200 different descriptive properties, about more than 1000 languages. (Because of the heterogeneous nature of the collection, most properties are only filled for a fraction of the languages). Most of the data is in the from of high-level "analytical" properties, but there are also a few collections of example sentences (with glosses) illustrating particular phenomena.

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Browser requirements

The TDS web interface works best with a modern browser, e.g., Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. You need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser, and allow cookies from

warning Depending on the server load and your computer's speed, the web interface may take some time to load (in general around 30 seconds).

information Firefox users may get a warning about an Unresponsive script. You can prevent this warning by allowing scripts to run for a longer time. To change this setting go to the about:config page, and increase the value of the dom.max_script_run_time. The default value is 10 seconds; increasing it to 100 seconds should be more than enough.

The IPA console

The IPA Console, an on-screen keyboard for typing characters and diacritics in the International Phonetic Alphabet, is a stand-alone side product of the TDS project. The console is a Java WebStart application and runs on any computer system that supports Java. It allows you to easily copy and paste strings of IPA symbols in Unicode, ash can also be used to import legacy IPA text from the SIL IPA and IPA 93 encodings.

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The Integrated Data and Documentation Format

The Integrated Data and Documentation Format (IDDF) opens up the core data structure of the TDS. By publishing and documenting this format IDDF documents the TDS can form the beginning of a collection of generic tools to make (natural language) resources sustainable and operable.

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